Community Events


What:    Wolfpac Football Registration

Where: Call John Holoc @ 780-223-4700 or Ralph Underwood @ 780-


Cost:    $100.00 for the season with all the gear supplied.


What:    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on behalf of the                

              Hinton Food Bank Home food pick-up.

Where:  Your place

When:   Two weeks in May

Info:      You will receive a shopping bag with a note , place your food                      

             in the bag and place outside the following Saturday to be picked                

             up by the friends of LDS.


What:     Breaking the Boy Code

Where:   The Hinton Center

When:    April, 12 from 6 pm  to 7:30

Info:        Understand the stigmas which encourage boys to supress 

               their authentic feelings.

Cost:       Free


What:     Easter Bunny Photos 

Where:   Parks West Mall

When:    April 6th and 7th from 3pm to 6pm and April 8th and 9th from                      

              1pm to 5pm.

Price:    $10.00


What:     Bottle Drive for Kaydon Day

Where:   118 Rymer Drive, Back yard.

Info:       Collecting for when Kaydon comes home for upgrades to her                      

              home to make thing easier for her and her family.  Just place                      

              them in the back yard.


 Who:    BRIDGES- Hinton's Mental Health Support Organization

What:    Free Community Lunches

When:   March 27 at noon

Where:  BRIDGES location 111 Government Road in the Hinton valley

 Info:     FREE Community hot lunches every Monday in March at                            

             BRIDGES located in the Hinton Valley. These lunches have been                

             sponsored by community members and are free to attend. Help                

             spread the word to anyone who may need a free hot meal and                    

             fellowship. Monday March 27th the lunch is egg sausage frittata 's              

             and toast. More info is on the  BRIDGESHinton Facebook page


What:     Community  Tax Volunteer

Where:   Hinton

When:    Now

Info:       Become a volunteer in the community, and help Canadians                        

             who have low income and a simple tax situation prepare their                    

             income tax return.  Contact FCSS (Family and Community                          

             Support Services), Town of Hinton.                               


What:    Free Adult Tutoring

Where:  Hinton Employment and Learning Place

When:   By Appointment

Info:      Update your skills in reading, writing, math, computers, English as            

            a second language, upgrading or GED prep.     Contact 

            Stephanie for  more information: 780-865-1686                                                                                                                                                      


 What:     Free pool at the Hinton Legion

When:   Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays 

Where:  Hinton Legion 

Info:      It’s free. 8 ball, corner pocket.


What:   Hinton Army Cadets 

Where: Royal Canadian Legion in Hinton

When:  Wednesdays from 7 to 9pm

Info:     Join the Army Cadets – a non-profit organization for youth between            

            the ages of 12 and 18. Develop your skills in leadership,                            

            citizenship and teamwork.   Cadets participate in weekend                            

            exercises, sports evenings, and marksmanship days.  Cadets will                

            have an opportunity to go to summer training camps where cadets            

            can receive advanced training.


What:  Alberta of Prevention of Bullying Youth Committee contact info




           Toll free help line 1-888-456-2323 

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